What is life?

well what goes through our minds when we think about life?

Feb. 23, 2022

life finds a way

Life goes on all around us unnoticed and un appreciated I mean what is life really?
My guess is that life is the little things, the things we’re unaware of like walking, breathing and well living.
Some say life is important because of death but I say it shouldn’t be dictated by our death, it should be appreciated for the bad and the good and it should be appreciated because we are free.
Sure we’re not free from our responsibilities our ties and our morals but the freedom that we have is enormous. We can choose to go out of bed in the morning or even if we want to go out in the afternoon or if we’d rather read a book.
Some people have it better than others but everything in life chains us up whether its our actions responsibilities or even prestige.
Just the thoughts of other people can chain you down and keep you in a bubble of the life you live.
I ask you: Is that really living?
The solution according to most people is to go out of your comfort zone and really live life and well in most cases that is something to try out, but everyone is different and sometimes the comfort zone is the best place to be.
Like the song says: don’t worry be happy.
Of course not everyone can just up and become happy as they please but everyone has at least one thing that makes them smile.
Grab onto that feeling when you go outside tomorrow and be yourself. Whether you are awkward or confident, small or big, use your positive energy to take on the world.
You’ll both be happier and make the world just a little bit better for it.